libvpx @1.2.0: checksum mismatch

Richard Cobbe cobbe at
Mon Oct 14 04:59:11 PDT 2013

I ran into a checksum mismatch over the weekend with the new version of the
libvpx package (required, eventually, by graphviz).  I filed a Trac ticket
(, and Ryan Schmidt fixed it later
that day.  (Thanks, Ryan!)

Unfortunately, when I do a "sudo port selfupdate; sudo port install
libvpx", I still see the checksum error.

Now, I know there's a lag between the SVN repository and the rsync
"selfupdate" server, and I'm assuming that my continued problems are due to
that lag.  The fix was in r112136, which landed on Saturday morning.  When
should I expect to see this make its way into the rsync mirror?



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