Multiple Variants

Derek Ng acecaliber at
Tue Oct 22 06:31:08 PDT 2013

Thanks! I was referring to the first option. So I guess to install vim with
both huge and python27 functionality, I would use this install command?

port install vim +huge +python27

i.e., vim will have both functionalities without having to switch from one
to the other?

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On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 08:09:20AM -0400, Derek Ng wrote:
> Can you install and have multiple variants active at the same time? Or 
> are you limited to only one active variant, and then you have to 
> switch between them?

If you're talking about something like
  cairo +quartz+x11, or
  vim +huge+python27
that's certainly possible.

If you're talking about having a copy of
  cairo +x11, and
  cario +quartz
and those active at the same time, that's not possible, which is what
Brandon is referring to.

Clemens Lang

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