Installing the whole GCC family

Chris Jones jonesc at
Thu Sep 19 02:05:05 PDT 2013


On 19/09/13 09:51, Akim Demaille wrote:
> Le 19 sept. 2013 à 10:48, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> a écrit :
>> gcc48 and earlier can use libgcc-devel instead of libgcc:
>> sudo port -f deactivate libgcc
>> sudo port install gcc49
> Brilliant, thanks Ryan!
> But won't this cause errors/warnings/special cases to deal with
> when an update of say gcc48 comes?  If so, is there a means to
> avoid such issues?  Do I have a means to tell older gccs to build
> with libgcc-devel instead of libgcc?

Its done automatically. Either libgcc-devel or libgcc will satisfy the 
dependencies for gcc48 and older. If neither is installed, they will 
trigger themselves the installation of libgcc, but if libgcc-devel is 
already present they will be happy. gcc49 on the other hand, can only 
use libgcc-devel.


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