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> On Dec 7, 2014, at 3:32 PM, René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at> wrote:
> Hi Marko,
>>> In a sense we'd need a survey of which KDE4 ports are installed and in active use!
>> On MacPorts you mean?
> Indeed.
>> Well, there is Clemens' mpstats project [1], but the number of users contributing is still very small.
> That calls for a bit of lobbying -- or maybe a survey how many MacPorts users were aware of the port's existence.
> Not me in any case...

I must concur. I never heard of "mpstats" or what appears to be a related project.
(I also don't do LINUX as such, but am a retired OSF/1 - OSX SysAdmin.)

And now that I have seen it mentioned, If one looks it up in the list of "Available Ports" all one finds is one-sentence:
"submit statistics about your macports installation"

If one then "Googles" "mpstats", Wikipedia tells us:
"mpstat is a computer command-line software used in unix-type operating systems to report (on the screen) processor related statistics. It is used in computer monitoring in order to diagnose problems or to build statistics about a computer's CPU usage."

And the various other hits provided by Google imply a Linux CPU monitoring tool.

And just to confuse things: in 10.10, man -k mpstat yields:
snmpstatus(1)            - retrieves a fixed set of management information from a network entity

Checking out the MacPorts wiki - - there is no mention of "mpstats." however if one uses the search entry on that page,
one does find: "MacPorts Port Statistics Ideas" (last modified 9 months ago.)

And then finally, when one does install mpstats, all one sees is:
"Installing this port automatically enables weekly reporting of data to the stats server.  Uninstall
or deactivate this port if you want to stop providing data to MacPorts."

It apparently installs cleanly under macports version 2.3.3.
sudo port install mpstats
Activating mpstats @0.1.6_0

But no information/discussion on contacting the server beyond the initial "test server" --  
The implication being that this is "not ready for prime time."

So, being a sucker for statics on "stuff," I guess I'm user #52. :)

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