Can I use MacPorts to install Octave 3.6.4?

Lawrence Velázquez larryv at
Wed Dec 10 12:45:12 PST 2014

On Dec 10, 2014, at 11:20 AM, Ray Zimmerman <rz10 at> wrote:

> Error: org.macports.configure for port atlas returned: Atlas could not detect any fortran compiler. If you really don’t need the fortran interface to be built, please use the +nofortran option, else install a fortran compiler (e.g. gcc4X) before building Atlas.

The `atlas` port is a little weird. By default, it requires a GCC port to be installed (for the Fortran compiler), but doesn't declare a dependency on one (presumably to avoid requiring a specific one). So you just need to have one of the `gcc*` ports installed before building ATLAS.


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