Gimp & UFRAW /MacPorts on Yosemite

David Lyon sawtm at
Fri Dec 12 16:03:47 PST 2014

Has anyone successfully used Terminal to download UFRAW& Gimp2 through
MacPorts for Yosemite.I have not been able to get the startup Icon (Wilber)
to show up in the MacPorts folder in Applications. I have recently,
following upgrade to Yosemite, reinstalled Xcode and MacPorts. I have
followed the following additional procedures as prescribed in Terminal
following download of UFRAW/Gimp2:
sudo xcodebuild -license  following install of package Macports

"Startup items have been generated that will aid in

starting dbus with launchd. They are disabled

by default. Execute the following commands to start them,

and to cause them to launch at startup:"

# sudo launchctl load

# launchctl load -w/Library/LaunchAgents/org.freedesktop.dbus-session.plist

"To have Python27 operating and active"

sudo port select --set python python27

"To make the Python 2.7 version of Cython the one that is run when you

execute the commands without a version suffix, e.g. 'cython', run:"

sudo port select --set cython cython27

The result is that all folders are in /Opt/local

And MacPorts is in Applications correctly.

Everything seems to be in order however there is no start up Wilber in the
Macports folder.

Any suggestions or guidance will be appreciated.

Thanks & Happy holidays.


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