Bison 3

Akim Demaille akim.demaille at
Tue Feb 4 23:29:47 PST 2014


Le 4 févr. 2014 à 22:41, Eric Gallager <egall at> a écrit :

> You might want to add yourself on CC on as I added some patches that allow all 3 versions of bison to be installed in parallel to that ticket

I did that, thanks.

But Bison 1 is really dead, and I really believe that it
should not raise from the dead.

And Bison 2 has several incompatibilities, granted, but it's
due to obsolete constructs that have been reported so for
ages.  Most packages I have seen that depended on this ancient
constructs have been updated to be compliant with both Bison 2.7
and Bison 3.0 (such a fix is really trivial).  I am really not
convinced it is really needed to keep Bison 2.7.

As I already mentioned, I'd be happy to give a hand on packages
that would still need Bison 2, just point them to me.

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