Howto enable gd for PHP 5.3.28

Tim Johnson tim at
Sun Feb 9 17:56:57 PST 2014

* Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> [140209 16:20]:
  /usr/local/bin is a symlink pointing to
  So, with your previous instructions regarding 
  paths to binaries, I have a handle on how to symlink new installs.
> Figure out how your web server is configured to use php. First of
> all, are you using MacPorts php or one of the others? Are you
> using the MacPorts apache2 web server? Or a different MacPorts web
> server such as nginx or lighttpd? If you’re using apache, are you
> using the php apache module? Or are you using php fastcgi, or php
> fpm? All of these questions affect the answer to the question of
> how you upgrade to a newer version.
  # From
 port installed name:apache
The following ports are currently installed:
  apache2 @2.2.23_0+preforkmpm
  apache2 @2.2.24_0+preforkmpm
  apache2 @2.2.25_0+preforkmpm
  apache2 @2.2.26_0+preforkmpm (active) 
# from /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf 
 LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/
# I am presuming that I have the php apache module
> Figure out what php ports you have installed, using:
> port installed name:php
  port installed name:php | grep \(active\)
  #I see
  php5 @5.3.28_0+apache2 (active)
  php5-apc @3.1.9_1 (active)
  php5-intl @5.3.28_0 (active)
  php5-memcache @2.2.7_0 (active)
  php53 @5.3.28_0+libedit (active)
  php53-gd @5.3.28_1 (active)
  php53-mysql @5.3.28_0+mysqlnd (active)
  php53-sqlite @5.3.28_0 (active)
  php54 @5.4.24_0+libedit (active)
  php54-APC @3.1.13_0 (active)
  php54-gd @5.4.24_0 (active)
  php54-intl @5.4.24_0 (active)
  php54-mysql @5.4.24_0+mysqlnd (active)
  php54-sqlite @5.4.24_0 (active)
  php_select @1.0_0 (active)

# I can infer the packages from the output above ... yes?
  php55-apc - *not found*
  php55-intl - found
  php55-memcache - found
  php55-gd - found
  php55-mysql - found
  php55-sqlite - found
  # have I overlooked php55-apc? Or can it be done without?

>If you’re using the php5* ports, you should upgrade to newer
> ports. The current stable version of php is 5.5.x. You can get
> that with the php55* ports in MacPorts. You can even try out the
> newest alpha version 5.6.x if you want with the php56* ports.
> If for example you are using MacPorts apache2 with the php apache
> module, you would want to install the php55-apache2handler port to
> use php 5.5.x. You’ll also have to follow the instructions the
> port will print when you install it (or you can review them
> anytime by running “port notes php55-apache2handler”) and you may
> also have to manually edit your web server configuration files.

  Thanks again the the help. I am taking lots of notes.

tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com,

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