php and 'client denied problems' with macports apache2

Tim Johnson tim at
Tue Feb 11 16:38:30 PST 2014

* Bradley Giesbrecht <pixilla at> [140211 15:25]:
> You probably need to add this line somewhere near the bottom of prefix/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
> Include conf/extra/mod_php55.conf
   Thanks Bradley. Now I have php working but I am still getting the 
   "client denied by server configuration"
> > Modifications to httpd.conf included changes to
> > User, Group, ServerAdmin, ScriptAlias, DocumentRoot consistent with
> > the prior configuration for the "Apple" apache2.
> > DocumentRoot and ScriptAlias settings seemed to be interpolated
> > properly by the browser. cgi-bin appears to be working as normal.
> You might want to make fewer change at a time and verify results as you go.
  Was done and those are actually quite trivial and boiler-plate that
  I've used for years, first on linux, than on Apple apache

  The one thing I changed that I didn't on the Apple apache was the
  following :
  User www
  Group www
  User _www   ## original on the apple apache
  Group _www  ## original on the apple apache
  I have *many* internal sites with ownerships of _www ...
  Thanks for the tip
tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com,

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