Problem with Macports, homebrew, and ghostscript

asllearner at
Thu Feb 13 18:54:41 PST 2014

Ryan Schmidt-24 wrote
> You replied only to me. Remember to use the Reply All button in your email
> program to reply to the group also. I’ve re-added the group address to
> this reply.

Thank you for fixing this. I am now using nabble to reply (your original
message appeared to come to my email directly, since it wasn't on the list
archive when I loaded it....) so all should be well, though of course, now
my original message has divided in  th
r ee
, but glad to see it is not an entirely trivial question :-) (I mean I
appreciate the help very much)
> The problem is that by installing software in /usr/local (whether by using
> Homebrew or other means), other software you build (including software
> build using MacPorts) may find that software in /usr/local and use it. 

I have only installed things as they are presented to me by the program I am
installing. In other words, "I" didn't intentionally install them in
usr/local, some package installer did when I installed it according to the
directions it gave, and I may not know which package did at this point. If
something said use macports, I did so, if it had its own installer, I did
so, and if it recommended brew, I did so, alas. (you see, I am using mac
gui's almost exclusively, and avoid working directly from 'nix.) But, no
matter, I have only a few programs installed with brew, so I don't mind
losing it, and reinstalling with macports, and hoping that whatever programs
dependent on them still work. 
> I recommend you remove anything in /usr/local to ensure you do not
> introduce problems for software built using MacPorts. If removing
> /usr/local reveals that problems were already introduced for software you
> previously built using MacPorts, rebuild those MacPorts ports, for example
> using rev-upgrade as suggested earlier in this thread....If there’s
> anything Homebrew is doing for you that MacPorts isn’t, please let us know
> so that we can investigate whether we can improve MacPorts to meet your
> needs. [etc]

OK, usr/local bad, [but see  other
discussing that usr/local is the default for some programs, and complicated
workarounds. This I want to avoid...] I need to figure out about QT (which
obviously must have been installed to make something else work...) and
macgpg, e.g. reinstalling them via macports or otherwise or otherwhere. If
there is anything not working in macports, I'll write up a ticket...[despite
injunctions against small talk,] I appreciate your time and detailed
consideration very much...

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