Questions when building Portfile?

julien Touche jul_bsd at
Sun Feb 16 13:25:24 PST 2014


I'm trying to build/refresh several portfile and have a few questions which didn't solve on guide or trac:
- is there a way to keep downloaded distfiles? it seems when doing a clean, distfile (user or global) are removed which is a bit a pain when doing build multiples times and sometimes cleaning because else macports complains about something.
- what is the official ways to mark configuration files? I remembered a time where it was .sample but maybe I mix with another system. It seems .dist now, right? for now, macports seems to not creating default config when not existing (and keeping else). is there a way to do this?
- for web components/ui which relies on apache1/2/nginx or else as web server, what should be the right prefix? ${prefix}/www/${name} ? I think we should make available if not already a default sane config to be included for apache/nginx.
- is there any documentation to build sub-port? especially in regards of devel package option.



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