MariaDB won't start

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at
Wed Feb 19 00:08:42 PST 2014

I can't get online with the machine I'm trying to use MariaDB on, so I
won't quote the full text of the messages.  But if you need me to I
can transfer them on a stick.

$ port info mariadb
mariadb @5.5.34_1

Mac OS X 10.8.4 on a Retina Display MacBook Pro, Early 2013, Model
Identifier MacBookPro10,1.

mysqld_safe indicates a successful startup, but "ps -ef | grep"
doesn't find any processes with "mysql" or "maria" in their names.

There is only one zero-length file in /opt/local/var/log/mariadb,
rather curiously named something like ".turd_mariadb_server".  No
actual log text.

I found a post advising the check the ownership and groups on the log
and some other directories were both "_mysql".  They are.

If I have to put my MariaDB Mac back on the line, it will need to wait
until tomorrow when I can go to a wifi spot.  But I'm in no real
hurry.  I just want to learn SQL out of a book, and need MariaDB to do
the exercises.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Michael David Crawford
mdcrawford at

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