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Fri Feb 28 20:27:33 PST 2014

2014-02-28 11:09 GMT-05:00 Clemens Lang <cal at>:

> > - when updating an existing port, is it recommended to copy in your own
> depot
> > (own user) or work on the existing one (as root)? in the first case, it
> > seems that not all action are prioritizing repositories in the same order
> > (install and before).
> I'd recommend copying it so
>  (1) you can generate a unified diff for submission
>  (2) you don't accidentally lose your changes with the next selfupdate

yeah, that's what I decided to do but sometimes, it mixed between
install/build between both repository.
still, not too annoying.

> > - there is a startupitem option but it does not seem any way to include a
> > cron-like job through launchd? script/exec to launch every day/month. So
> I
> > suppose for now, we include our own file.
> There's no option to do that with the startupitem.* options, but you can
> provide your own launchd plist. See the mpstats port in my user directory
> [1] that does exactly that (along with randomizing the execution time).

Thanks. 2 differents example w craig's. interesting.

 > - I have few ports which reacts differently in macports call than
> manually
> > (firebird, beltane)
> > They are not building in macports but if I launch manually the command in
> > ${worksrcdir}, it's ok.
> > I tried to look to env var but nothing found for now.
> That might be due to a lot of reasons like sandboxing, privilege
> separation, etc.; without a main.log it's unlikely anybody will be able to
> help you.

Firebird is here
just added the main.log

still try to review beltane but will probably submit in the next days.

Thanks a lot to both of you for the answers.
Hope to clean things enough to be easy review :-)


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