MySQL port 3306 open to local, closed to other?

Bill Christensen billc_lists at
Sun Jan 5 00:04:58 PST 2014

Nothing in /opt/local/etc/mysql5

I found:

both of which contain

if [ 0 -eq 0 ]; then

which consists of a whole bunch of commented-out stuff, and that's it.

Since it's apparently an 'optional' file, if I just created a file at
/opt/local/etc/mysql5/my.cnf which contains "bind-address        =", would that do the trick?

On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 9:12 PM, Jeremy Lavergne
<jeremy at>wrote:

> The default is likely in /opt/local/etc/
> You could run find in that directory for any “*.cnf” files.
> find /opt/local/etc -type f -name “*.cnf"
> On Jan 4, 2014, at 22:10, Jeremy Lavergne <jeremy at>
> wrote:
> > Running `port contents …` will list all the files of a given package,
> including any default config files.
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