(Mac OS 10.9) Boost.Python build quickstart: Unable to load Jamfile

Degang Wu samuelandjw at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 23:35:07 PST 2014

I have installed Boost 1.55 (+python33), boost-build and boost-jam through Macports on Mac OS X 10.9. Following the HOWTO (http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_55_0b1/libs/python/doc/building.html), I cd to /opt/local/share/doc/boost/libs/python/example/quickstart and typed in bjam toolset=gcc --verbose-test test and just bjam and I got the following error message:

/opt/local/share/boost-build/build/project.jam:271: in find-jamfile from module project
error: Unable to load Jamfile.
error: Could not find a Jamfile in directory '../../../..'.
error: Attempted to find it with pattern '[Bb]uild.jam [Jj]amfile.v2 [Jj]amfile [Jj]amfile.jam'.
error: Please consult the documentation at 'http://www.boost.org'.
/opt/local/share/boost-build/build/project.jam:290: in load-jamfile from module project
/opt/local/share/boost-build/build/project.jam:68: in project.load from module project
/opt/local/share/boost-build/build/project.jam:718: in project.use from module project
/opt/local/share/boost-build/build/project.jam:95: in load-used-projects from module project
/opt/local/share/boost-build/build/project.jam:79: in load from module project
/opt/local/share/boost-build/build/project.jam:170: in project.find from module project
/opt/local/share/boost-build/build-system.jam:248: in load from module build-system
/opt/local/share/boost-build/kernel/modules.jam:261: in import from module modules
/opt/local/share/boost-build/kernel/bootstrap.jam:132: in boost-build from module
/opt/local/share/doc/boost/libs/python/example/quickstart/boost-build.jam:8: in module scope from module
Clearly the Macports put the files in some "non-default" locations. For example, the boost-build directory (specified in boost-build.jam) is in /opt/local/share/doc/boost/tools/build/v2. In the file Jamroot:

# Specify the path to the Boost project.  If you move this project,
# adjust the path to refer to the Boost root directory.
use-project boost 
  : ../../../.. ;
Clearly the desired jamefile is not in ../../../.. on Macports installation.

My question is: where is the desired jamefile located in Macports installation of boost? What path should I specify in Jamroot?

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