Comer Duncan comer.duncan at
Mon Jan 13 08:36:25 PST 2014

Today I have installed the macports flavor of vim. It seems fine.  Next I
tried to install vim-app but port told me that vim-app does not work and I
should rather install MacVim.  So, I did or rather think I did.  When I

comermacpro:~ comerduncan$ port installed vim MacVim

The following ports are currently installed:

  MacVim @7.4.snapshot72_0+huge (active)

  vim @7.4.052_0+huge (active)

However only vim runs and is in /opt/local/bin. MacVim is not there.  So my
question is where is it?  Name is different than listed by port installed?
 I tried gvim but nothing is there. Is there a problem with MacVim on
Mavericks, which I am running?

Thanks for suggestions.

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