Any objections to removal of the carbon variant in py-wxpython-2.8?

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Wed Jan 15 08:11:36 PST 2014


The port py-wxpython-2.8 currently supports two conflicting variants:
   +carbon (32-bit Carbon-based wxWidgets)
   +gtk (GTK-based wxWidgets)

On 10.6 the variant +carbon is the default one, while on 10.7 and
later only +gtk can be used anyway.

I would like to remove the variant "+carbon" because it complicates
matters more than necessary and removing it only affects "outdated"
software on "outdated" OS in the way that users would be forced to use
X11 instead of 32-bit Carbon, but the ports would still work.

The kind of complications I'm talking about is that a port like
py-robotframework-ride would need to explicitly support three
different variants (wxwidgets30, wxwidgets28, wxgtk28), set
"supported_archs i386 ppc" with wxwidgets28, refuse to compile with
Xcode 4.4 and later, make sure that the right variant is active
(require_active_variants port:py${python.version}-wxpython-2.8 carbon gtk)
and be executed with 'arch -i386 <binary_name>'. Without all that the
building on the buildbot fails.

List of ports that depend on wxPython 2.8:
- gis/grass (broken at the moment anyway)
- python/py-robotframework-ride
- python/py26-pyphant (kind-of-broken, compatibility with 3.0 almost finished)
- python/py-pyface (also supports Qt which is superior)

- editors/spe (somewhat outdated)
- python/py-dsv (somewhat outdated)

If anyone has a strong argument against the removal of Carbon support
in wxPython 2.8, please speak now.


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