Troubles installing rc

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at
Sat Jan 18 05:08:02 PST 2014

Before I get to the main point: How do I search for tickets regarding
the rc port? The search string is too short, and obviously I don't
want all tickets with the letter pair "rc" appearing in the ticket
description anyway.

destroot fails for rc:

/usr/bin/install -c history /opt/local/bin/- ;\
        rm -f /opt/local/bin/--;  ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/-- ;\
        rm -f /opt/local/bin/-p;  ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/-p ;\
        rm -f /opt/local/bin/--p; ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/--p
install: /opt/local/bin/-: Operation not permitted

Before you ask: Yes, I am running as root. But I'm intrigued by these
lines in the log file:

:notice:destroot --->  Staging rc into destroot
:debug:destroot Can't run destroot under sudo without elevated privileges (due to mtree).
:debug:destroot Run destroot without sudo to avoid root privileges.
:debug:destroot Going to escalate privileges back to root.
:debug:destroot euid changed to: 0. egid changed to: 0.

It seems like these operations may have failed to work as expected.
Or maybe it's some other newfangled security device misfiring.
I can certainly run the install command by hand without problem.

OS version: 10.9.1
Port version: 2.2.1
Xcode version: 5.0.2

I'd file a ticket, except for my inability to search for relevant
tickets already in the system.

– Harald

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