Troubles installing rc

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Sun Jan 19 18:51:42 PST 2014

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 9:11 PM, Eric Gallager <egall at> wrote:
> Ah, so *that's* where those files were coming from... does anyone who
> uses the rc port know why they have to have such weird names? With names
> like that, I worry that my shell could possibly misinterpret them...

Because `rc` is the Plan 9 shell and Plan 9 did not build anything into the
shell that could be done outside of the shell. Heck, `rc` had to have stuff
*added* to its Unix port, because on Plan 9 you don't need to build e.g.
environment setting into the shell.

And those names really aren't even very special even on Unixlikes. People
have a tendency to forget that (and Plan 9 was something of a reaction to
that; as Unix was minimalist compared to its forebears, Plan 9 was a
minimalist reaction to what Unix was turning into).

In any case, there's not much chance of those files interfering with
anything. They may confuse you if you're operating on them without path
prefixes, but that's something you should be aware of anyway.

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