where is parallel.sty?

Lenore Horner LenoreHorner at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 23 19:24:38 PST 2014

I have installed most of the texlive packages (see below) but the parallel.sty that CTAN says is included in TeXLive isn’t there.  Does anyone know which of the MacPorts packages it has been put in (or has it been removed)?


  texlive-basic @30847_0+doc (active)
  texlive-bin @2013_5+x11 (active)
  texlive-bin-extra @30842_0+doc (active)
  texlive-common @2013_0 (active)
  texlive-fonts-extra @30782_0+doc (active)
  texlive-fonts-recommended @30307_1+doc (active)
  texlive-fontutils @30842_0+doc (active)
  texlive-formats-extra @30396_0+doc (active)
  texlive-generic-extra @30396_0+doc (active)
  texlive-generic-recommended @30396_0+doc (active)
  texlive-lang-cyrillic @30653_0+doc (active)
  texlive-lang-english @30780_0+doc (active)
  texlive-lang-european @30457_0+doc (active)
  texlive-lang-french @30777_0+doc (active)
  texlive-lang-german @30791_0+doc (active)
  texlive-lang-italian @30726_0+doc (active)
  texlive-lang-spanish @30372_0+doc (active)
  texlive-latex @30738_0+doc (active)
  texlive-latex-extra @30788_0+doc (active)
  texlive-latex-recommended @30811_0+doc (active)
  texlive-math-extra @30747_0+doc (active)
  texlive-metapost @30842_0+doc (active)
  texlive-pictures @30637_0+doc (active)
  texlive-plain-extra @30395_0+doc (active)
  texlive-science @30307_0+doc (active)
  texlive-xetex @30842_0+doc (active)

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