James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Sun Jan 26 17:07:38 PST 2014

for technical reasons I broke my principals and upgraded my snow leopard to mavericks. Oh how I rue the decision! but I digress …
To overcome the CUPS chaos with mavericks (bugs in cups 1.7 mean I was unable to print to my linux server), 
So I put the printer on this system. Now I can print but I can’t print FROM my linux host to mavericks.

So I moved the scanner to mavericks and installed xsane from macports, but xsane's printer is only a lpr and I cannot copy (i.e. scan to printer)

Has anybody put xsane on mavericks and got it to print?


I hate posts that are strong on opinion and weak on detail, so my major dislikes are tabled. This is OT and FYI only …
The useful spaces has been replaced with some arty-fatty Ive-never-used-spaces-but-this-is-a-better-way
A dreadful FileStatAgent kept 1 core at 100% for days on end, and NO I do not do mp3 only ogg. At least the bit bucket in the sky :-)
Someone decided to change the mail, not to make it better, just to have it different. Even the dreaded winders give you an option for classic view on their arty-fatty changes
I’m surprised at how often I try to use the mouse to deactivate the screen saver; often enough to make it a pain that mavericks won’t do so.

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