How to manually download file that selfupdate retrieves?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Jul 30 12:53:13 PDT 2014

On Jul 30, 2014, at 14:45, Edward Sutton wrote:

> When I install macports at work selfupdate fails.  I work for a manufacturing company that aspires to have their own private “Great Firewall of China”.
> Can someone please describe the manual equivalent of performing a “sudo port selfupdate”?

"selfupdate" is two commands in one.

First it updates MacPorts base. You can do this manually whenever a new version of MacPorts base is released, either by downloading the installer from our web site and running it, or downloading he source and building it. You can subscribe to the macports-announce list to be informed when new versions are available. 

Second, it updates your ports. You can do this via svn or http instead to avoid rsync issues on your network. These alternatives are mentioned in the FAQ:
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