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William H. Magill magill at
Mon Nov 3 20:21:41 PST 2014

> Chrome still shows that same issue about AssertionError: Session ID not set.

There seems to be something happening on the Net, or with time or Safari or ...?

Basically, a WIKI which I edit regularly has begun generating what we are calling "session time outs" on page edits lately.

Page edits are identified via cookies, which "should" have expiration times of several days.

However starting several weeks, maybe as early as September, something has been causing those edit sessions to be "timed out" after a matter of minutes.

One edits a page, goes to save it and the save fails with at Session failure message. One then simply re-saves the page and it works.

So far we have been unable to identify exactly what is happening. This is with:
* MediaWiki 1.23.6 (c779259)
* PHP	5.6.2 (apache2handler)
* MariaDB5.5.5-10.0.14-MariaDB-log

However, the symptoms are the same -- cookie fails -- and then works; although the assumption is that a new cookie is being set.

This is one of those -- It's "obvious" what is apparently happening; but no clues as to WHY it has just started happening.

(I do all my editing with Safari, now from Yosemite, but previously from Maverick 10.9.5 via Comcast ISP.)

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