installing octave +gcc48 installs gcc47?

Ben Abbott bpabbott at
Sat Nov 8 22:06:01 PST 2014

> On Nov 8, 2014, at 8:33 PM, Jean-Francois Gobin <jeanfgobin at> wrote:
> Hello there, 
> I tried to replicate this on my machine but no GCC47 installation. Could you provide the output of
> port -y install octave +atlas +gui
> port deps octave +atlas +gui
> J.

$ port -y install octave +atlas +gui
Warning: MacPorts running without privileges. You may be unable to complete certain actions (e.g. install).
--->  Computing dependencies for gcc47
For gcc47: skipping org.macports.main (dry run)
--->  Computing dependencies for octave
For octave: skipping org.macports.main (dry run)

I have no idea why gcc47 is needed.  It is the default compiler for GraphicsMagick, but that has already been built (using gcc48) and installed.

$ port deps octave +atlas +gui
Full Name: octave @3.8.2_1+atlas+gcc48+gui
Build Dependencies:   bison, flex, gperf, perl5, pkgconfig, gcc48, clang-3.4
Library Dependencies: arpack, curl, fftw-3, fftw-3-single, gawk, glpk, gnuplot, GraphicsMagick, grep, gsed, hdf5, less, ncurses, pcre, qhull, qrupdate, readline, SuiteSparse, zlib, texinfo, atlas,
                      qscintilla, libgcc
Runtime Dependencies: epstool, ghostscript, transfig, pstoedit

I have all the dependencies installed.
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