ld64 build problem with unwind

Thomas Ruedas trg818 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 09:13:16 PST 2014

I am trying to upgrade my outdated ports with the newest macports 
version on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.5.8. When trying to install 
ld64, the build fails, essentially, as it seems, due to this error:
:info:build src/abstraction/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp:36:44: error: 
mach-o/compact_unwind_encoding.h: No such file or directory

libunwind-headers is definitely installed:
port installed libunwind-headers
The following ports are currently installed:
libunwind-headers @35.1_1
libunwind-headers @35.3_0 (active)
(in fact, I explicitly reinstalled it and cleaned ld64 thereafter, but 
to no avail).

The only thing a web search turned up that seemed directly related to 
this problem was http://trac.macports.org/ticket/45637, but it didn't 
really help me, because I don't know how to apply this fix. Isn't there 
an official fix for this problem?


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