py-kde4 portfile-in-progress : " can't read "python.version": no such variable"

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Nov 12 03:35:10 PST 2014


As mentioned in an earlier thread, I'm trying to make a py-kde4 build. I've made a Portfile based on port:py-qt4's Portfile and at some point that indeed gave me ports py26-pykde4 - py33-pykde4 . Once they were known, I kept tweaking the Portfile so that the port (py33-pykde4) would actually build (meaning I had to undo a number of settings from the Python group).

Somewhere in that process an error must have crept in that now causes the whole python variable to be unknown, reportedly. I haven't been able to tie it to any of the modifications I made after the last successful portindex though.

I've created a premature submission ticket, mostly to avoid having to send the Portfile attached to this message:

Feedback welcome!


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