gcc49 vs gcc48

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 03:34:30 PST 2014


For those of us still using 10.6 (whether real or virtualised): is there an advantage of gcc49 over gcc48? I think I read something about better optimisation somewhere, but is that noticeable enough to warrant spending the time of building and installing gcc49? Would that at least give some advantage when there's a libgcc update because that's a subport of gcc49 nowadays? Is the compiler itself faster?

And what about gcc48, will I be able to uninstall it without having to rebuild the ports I built with it, because that is apparently registered as a dependency nowadays? (kfilemetadata is among them, while according to the CMakeCache.txt file in the build dir that I kept, it's been built with Apple's clang 3.0 ...)

BTW, I've noticed subtle but fatal issues with what I'll call header confusion between gcc-4.9 and clang-3.5 on Linux. I don't know about clang-3.4 (which I have and use in MacPorts) but I'd hate to bump into those on OS X too...


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