FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: when is down hard...

Ian Wadham at
Tue Nov 25 16:49:00 PST 2014

On 26/11/2014, at 3:35 AM, Michael wrote:
>> Good luck with that (in Australia). BigPond is the biggest ISP in Oz and
>> is owned by Telstra, which owns the entire physical network and all the
>> exchanges, though that is slowly changing.  Their treatment of other ISPs,
>> who share the physical network, and even of their own customers is quite
>> Microsoftian I am told.  In my own experience, Telstra and their previous
>> corporate bodies, have been holding back the progress of computer
>> communications in general in Oz for at least 50 years… :-(
> So, in Oz, you are basically told that the great and powerful networking
> company can handle everything, don't look behind the curtain?

s/great and powerful/inefficient and conservative/
s/company/virtual monopoly/
We look behind the curtain, we see what is lacking, but trying to get a response
is like an ant biting an elephant.

Cheers, Ian W.

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