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> Could you wax lyrical for a moment on how you did a VM. Mail me off list
> if the answer is politically incorrect for the list.

My understanding is that it's painful to (near?) impossible for VirtualBox,
largely due to crashing bugs in the VMM, but Parallels and VMware Fusion
support it. Parallels even has a sort of canned recipe for it, which I've
used in the past. I will note that OS X has lots of visual glitches and the
occasional crash when virtualized.

It is entirely legal to run OS X Lion and later in a VM; IIRC the
per-machine OS X license allows one VM for Lion and three for ML and
Mavericks. Older OS X Server may also be virtualized (the relaxation of the
client virtualization restriction is because OS X Server stopped being a
separate product with Lion, as I understand it), which with one of the pay
levels of the OS X Developer program can be fairly convenient.

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