FATAL ERROR: Can't execute 'mysqlcheck'

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Oct 7 16:00:13 PDT 2014

On Oct 7, 2014, at 5:08 PM, Tim Johnson wrote:
> I'm using mysql version 5.1.72 on OS X 10.7.5
> When running 
> mysql_upgrade5 --force --verbose --port=3306 -uroot -p
> I get the following error message 
> Enter password:
> Looking for 'mysql' as: mysql
> Looking for 'mysqlcheck' as: mysqlcheck
> FATAL ERROR: Can't execute 'mysqlcheck'
> I see /opt/local/bin/mysqlcheck5
> symlinked to
> /opt/local/lib/mysql5/bin/mysqlcheck
> but don't know how to procede.

Looks like this old bug:


Note that the mysql5 port is deprecated. If possible, please upgrade to one of the newer mysql ports: mysql51, mysql55, mysql56, mariadb, mariadb-10.0, mariadb-10.1 or percona. Of those, I recommend mariadb-10.0 at this time. Possibly, these newer ports do not have this same problem.

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