Help rebuilding ports list... How do I do a 'port provides' without port contents?

steve jenkin stevej098list at
Wed Oct 8 22:18:33 PDT 2014

Somewhere in upgrading to OS/X 10.9.5 I lost the list of ports I had installed.

I’ve spent a lot of time recreating & reinstalling the ports and found the Debian ‘Contents’ file a good help.

I’m left with a small number of executables (~20) in /opt/local/bin (out of 2000+) where I haven’t been able to identify the owning ports of (list below).

"port selfupdate;port upgrade installed” now work OK.

I’m worried about the "/opt/local/bin/port” series of executables.
If they change, I won’t get the upgrades, forcing me to reinstall macports from scratch. But now at least I have a port/package list if that happens.

I tried port “Macports” for those executables, but the port is very definite that ordinary mortals shouldn’t install it - it puts files outside the /opt/local tree - so I didn’t install it.

Can anyone help me identify the ports that own these last few files [below]?

There were a number of executables, like perl Devel::DProf, that were deprecated between perl 5.12 and 5.16 and I’ve found alternative ports for.

steve jenkin


Count of Ports installed and files in /opt/local/bin [strictly from macports]

   1054 /Users/steve/macports.10.6.8.installed
      0 /Users/steve/macports.10.9.2.installed
    376 /Users/steve/macports.10.9.5.installed

mini-too:tmp steve$ ls -l /opt/local/bin|wc -l


Files I can’t identify owning packages:








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