kdepim-runtime4 4.12.5 with kdepimlibs4 4.13.3

"René J.V. Bertin" rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 15:41:09 PDT 2014


I'm having some trouble port:kdepim-runtime4 (currently still at 4.12.5) against port:kdepimlibs4 and kdepimlibs4-kioslaves (currently at 4.13.3) when port:libkgapi is also installed, and the akonadi_google_calendar is thus built. This *could* be an issue with clang-3.0 (sadly I forgot which compiler I used last time I built kdepim4-runtime, but clang-3.0 clearly breaks on libgkapi-2.2.1).

Has this combination been tested - in fact, has building of the KDE 4.13.3 suite been tested on 10.6.8 at all?

Also, do the kdepim4 applications (kmail, kontact etc) v4.12.5 function correctly with kdepimlibs 4.13.3? Any ETA on kdepim4 and kdepim4-runtime v4.13.3?


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