Problem with cssh

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Oct 13 03:27:47 PDT 2014

On Monday October 13 2014 09:49:12 Chris Jones wrote:

> Your mode of operation is highly non-standard... Most people find the 
> launchd approach very convenient. Why would you *want* to have to start 
> it by hand all the time...

Because I always have a server running with a couple of xterms and a few other goodies launched through my own ~/.xinitrc, which gives too many hassles when some random application suddenly decides to launch another XQuartz instance for no apparent reason rather than simply connecting to the one already running.

The only reason why I don't start my X11 environment as a login item is that I prefer to do it once I'm fully logged in, any KP reports have been dealt with, etc. I'd recommend anyone who just uses X11 applications launched via an icon to start Xquartz as a login item and configure it not to start any clients itself, as a matter of personal preference.

> It is, yes. And I'll let you and jeremyhu fight it out over that one.

IIRC, Jeremy himself stated that my needs are simply those of a (minor few) to whom they *also* cater (them being Apple).
It's highly likely that the exchange can be found on the x11-users ML archives if they go back far enough.

> (Aside from, if you find KDE stuff not working for other people, maybe you
> should look there first because recommending that any KDE user get rid of
> the launchd plist is not viable.)

I beg your pardon? KDE stuff not working because of some X11-related issue has nothing to do with this but with X11-related code not being excluded at compile-time.


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