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Clemens Lang cal at
Thu Oct 16 16:17:48 PDT 2014


----- On 17 Oct, 2014, at 01:04, Dave Horsfall dave at wrote:

> Short of using "script" or scrolling way way back, is there a facility to
> save some of the notifications during an installation?  For example, I've
> just installed GIMP, and there were quite a few "you might want to do
> this" sort of thing.

These messages are usually available using `port notes`. For example, you
can print all notes for all dependencies of gimp using

 $> port notes rdepof:gimp

MacPorts 2.4 will store the notes and display them in a single block at the
end of your installation. For this to work correctly if you're pressing ^C
we're also implementing signal handling, which is taking us a while. If
you'd like to test that, use trunk (but don't complain about breakage by
other new features).

Clemens Lang

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