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Dave Horsfall dave at
Fri Oct 17 13:18:11 PDT 2014

On Fri, 17 Oct 2014, René J.V. Bertin wrote:

[ Making a file-system case-sensitive, as Ken and Dennis intended ]

> I don't know of a free solution, but iPartition from Coriolis Systems 
> does this. It's among the few utility software I actually bought a 
> license of (among with their iDefrag and Disk Warrior) and my go-to tool 
> when I want to be sure a new disk is partitioned as closely as possible 
> to how *I* want it.

I'll keep that in mind; I do actually *buy* software from time to time 
(such as iStat, which is brilliant; I didn't know that my CPU was hitting 
103° when compiling libffg, for example), and Pages.

And to make matters worse, when I discovered that "ls -f" is essentially 
ignored I knocked up a little C program (called "dir" from my CP/M days, 
although I should've called it "DIR") that does what it's told i.e. list 
the files as they appeared in the directort.

It worked for Snow Leopard, but Mavericks appears to have "fixed" it.

> > Case-sensitivity is the only way to go; this is POSIX, not MS-DOS.
> Contract Apple and POSIX and you get APPOSIX -> APOSIX ... something NOT 
> Posix :-/

Oh dear...

> The worst part is that the fs could have been properly case-sensitive, 
> but filename matching done with our with respecting case on an 
> application-to-application basis (via a switch in the InfoDict).

Amen.  This is egregious breakage on a massive scale, and something that I 
would expect from MickeySoft.

For some reason I am reminded of a quote from Douglas Adams (RIP):

    "We demand rigidly defined areas of uncertainty and doubt."

Broomfondel, I think it was.

Dave Horsfall (VK2KFU)

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