Dealing with nonstandard installs

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Oct 19 15:48:22 PDT 2014

> On Oct 19, 2014, at 5:24 PM, Watson Ladd wrote:
> PARI comes with optional packages. To install them, they need to be
> untared on top of the installation Macports makes. I'd like to make
> this part of the usual portfile for PARI, but there is too much magic
> for me to figure out how to do this. Does anyone have a resource to
> point to for helping me understand how Macports works under the hood
> so I can make portfiles for ports that don't work via the usual
> download, configure+install?

Sounds like probably post-extract, post-patch, etc. blocks will need to be added to the port to do those additional steps.

I don't have a resource to refer you to specifically for this situation, unfortunately, beyond the usual "read the guide" and "look at other portfiles". However, maybe I can do a part of it for you to show you how.

You said these are optional packages. So they'll be implemented in the pari port as variants, I presume?

Could you file a ticket for one such variant? You can include the URLs for the files that need to be downloaded and explain what steps need to be done, and I can try to update the portfile for that.

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