Installation log files?

William H. Magill magill at
Thu Oct 23 16:06:57 PDT 2014

In going through the Yosemite upgrade, I have come up with the following question.

I don't find any answer in the guide ( -- the closest I have found is a reference under "3.1.11 port install" to the "main.log"

Since this was a successful installation, it contains 3 lines.

What I'm looking for is the "notes" (or explanations) which were in the install stream.
Are they recorded anywhere? Or do you have to remember to copy them down on the fly?

Put another way, this seems to be a feature lacking in the basic MacPorts documentation structure. Or well hidden as the case may be. :)
Now I realize this issue may only be relevant for certain ports.

In my case, I'm playing with Apache2 -- and while "apachectl" does something, it is not clear that it does "the right thing" -- especially since "I think" I remember that the MacPorts version of Apache2 does something different.

What I'm looking for is that block of text from the installation log which tells me how to start and stop Apache2.

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