Successful upgrade to Yosemite

Dave Horsfall dave at
Sat Oct 25 09:58:12 PDT 2014

On Sun, 26 Oct 2014, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> Looks like my Apple ID has changed once again, and I had to use my Yahoo 
> address this time, as all my other ones were taken.  Odd.

It claimed to have sent some sort of confirmation there, but I don't see 
it; I hope it wasn't important.

> Already had MacPorts 2.3.2 (installed earlier), and Xcode 6.1 had 
> already made itself at home, but MacPorts is still rebuilding itself 
> many hours later (probably because of my now crippled ADSL link).

Finished something like 8 hours later, mostly due to my now molasses-like 
ADSL link.

Oh, and looks like NTP got fixed; it used to have horrible reachability 

> Getting various installation notes during the build, which I've probably 
> lost in my scroll-back buffer.  I wish these were squirreled away 
> somewhere, with a note at the end saying "Please see blah blah for post 
> installation notes" or something; now I'll never find 'em, so they'd 
> better not be important.

Turned out my scroll-back buffer was large enough after all; now I merely 
have to digest what's in there.

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