Getting Apache to restart

Dave Horsfall dave at
Sat Oct 25 13:30:50 PDT 2014

Sigh...  I seem to recall this being discussed recently, but I do not 
recall the outcome.

What is the secret to getting Apache to restart, again?  Every single web 
reference I've seen says to use "apachectl restart" (which is how I do it 
on FreeBSD), but on Yosemite it remains firmly un-restarted.

I could've sworn it worked for earlier releases; if not Mavericks then 
certainly for Snow Leopard.  I don't really have a server on the Mac as 
such, but I use it for testing pages before sending them to my FreeBSD 

Dave Horsfall (VK2KFU)  "Bliss is a MacBook with a FreeBSD server." (and check the home page whilst you're there)

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