Problem with Install of ImageMagick on OS X Yosemite

Michael Matassa matassamj at
Mon Oct 27 12:03:59 PDT 2014

I'm a new user of MacPorts and ImageMagick (and, truthfully, somewhat of a PHP novice) and after spending a couple of days attempting to unsuccessfully install ImageMagick manually I stumbled across a web page that suggested using MacPorts.  I installed MacPorts and executed the suggested command in terminal to install ImageMagick.  The resulting install lasted approximately 6 hours and as far as I could tell installed successfully.  I added to  php.ini but after restarting Apache ImageMagick is not found in phpinfo and I can't locate the file anywhere on my Mac.  Is there some novice mistake I'm making or is there a problem with the MacPorts install?

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