Cannot get gimp app running

Eneko Gotzon enekogotzon at
Thu Oct 30 12:17:02 PDT 2014

Hi all :) and, please, excuse me about this kind of questions.

Before upgrading to Yosemite, MacPorts v2.3.2 and Xcode 6.1, GIMP app was
accessible by icons at the Applications Folder and the Launch Pad, and by
the contextual menu. After the upgrade, none of these options is shown.

The gimp2 port and all its dependencies are apparently correctly installed
and active.

Ports that –as far as I know– never had shown an access icon (Inkscape,
FreeCAD) can be launched typing its name on a Terminal window.

I cannot get the gimp app running.

The outcome of a Spotlight search for gimp2 gives a series of results that
I do not know how to interpret. Maybe you can advise me. Thank you.

Eneko Gotzon Ares
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