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> I must be missing your point. What's a "linux-like" package system
> as opposed to a "build-from-port" system? Every package built from a port.
> How does using options/variants of a port make the resulting package
> less usefull (then having a lot of separate packages).

Combinatorial explosion prevents you from building every package in every
combination of every variant (with every possible dependency, etc.)

Package systems like rpm/yum and dpkg/apt use a combination of "provides"
dependencies (so a package will work with any other package that provides a
particular dependency, unlike FreeBSD packages where if the package was
built against mysql 5.5 you can't tell it to install against mariadb 5.5).
They also use plugins instead of build-time variants, so you install the
base package and the plugins you need.

Concrete examples of this come up in #freebsd fairly regularly, usually
related to trying to install apache+mysql+php in some configuration that
isn't the ports' respective defaults --- the binary packages are useless to
them as a result.

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