something you always ...... about the X11 clipboard(s)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Apr 1 05:01:39 PDT 2015

On Wednesday April 01 2015 11:49:35 Chris Jones wrote:

>> Your kidding there right ;) As far as I am concerned KDE went down the
>> toilet when it switched from KDE3 to the bloated mess KDE4 is !
>Just to clarify, I was talking about KDE as a desktop environment. The 
>applications themselves are OK, and indeed due to QT4 etc. have better 
>standalone/cross platform support than before.

I never knew KDE3, so I couldn't tell and wasn't joking. I have KDE4 running on a netbook and the worst hogs aren't KDE apps.
Anyway, there's always Trinity for people like you ;)

And anyway2: this was about copy/pasting ....


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