Search for port contents for any port...?

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Fri Apr 3 20:01:14 PDT 2015


You can manually achieve this if prebuilt archives of the software are distributable. You would download the archive and list the contents. For example, to see what's in qt5-mac you would:
 1 download an archive from such as `curl -O`
 2 list the files of the archive such as `tar jtf qt5-mac-5.3.2_1.darwin_14.x86_64.tbz2`

On Apr 3, 2015, at 10:55 PM, Carlo Tambuatco wrote:

> Is there some sort of method for listing the port contents of any port whether it is installed or not? Like say I want to find out exactly what files a given port will install before I actually install it?

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