Changing PATH and downloading mpich-default

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Sun Apr 5 10:45:37 PDT 2015

On 05.04.2015 06:58 PM, Evan Phillips wrote:
> Mihai - here it is:


That wasn't too helpful, trace mode is failing...

What's the output of "port installed xz"?
It should not be installed or active (in your case, at least.)

I haven't uninstalled half of my system to reproduce this (and won't),
neither did I try to install mpich-default.

I did however run "(sudo) port -v deactivate xz; (sudo) port -dsvt
extract llvm-3.5" and this correctly re-activated xz prior to extracting
llvm-3.5 (naturally because xz was already installed and activated on my
system), so whatever is happening on your system, I cannot reproduce it

If port installed xz does say that none is installed, can you please try
"sudo port -v clean llvm-3.5; sudo port -dsvt extract llvm-3.5; sudo
port -v clean llvm-3.5", just to see if manually running the extract
phase suddenly makes port respect the xz extract dependency?


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