MacPorts Meeting (preliminary questionnaire)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Mon Aug 17 03:02:31 PDT 2015

Dear MacPorts developers and users,

For those who find the email too long: just fill in this form:


For everyone else:

Me and Aljaž (g5pw) would be willing to organize a MacPorts
(developer) meeting in Europe with the intention of:
- brainstorming and exchanging ideas about the project
- defining the agenda and priorities for future development of MacPorts
- having day-long ticket-closing sessions
- enjoying some longer group hacking sessions that would let us
realize some long-standing items on the wishlist (finish parts of the
website, statistics, ...)
- meeting fellow users and developers and having fun together

We would welcome anyone who:
- maintains or would like to maintain a port
- wants to get some core functionality implemented or knows how to implement it
- would like to help us shape the future of MacPorts
- wants to help us implement tiny "sugars" (better website, wiki
pages, documentation, more functionality, ...)
- has some artistic tallent
- just wants to enjoy in the company of great people ;)

Here is a preliminary questionnaire. Anyone that is remotely
interested in joining the meeting is kindly invited to answer a few

Additional questions can go to the developer mailing list or to me personally.


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