Qt4: "mkspecs" directory in wrong place?

Davide Liessi davide.liessi at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 16:39:05 PDT 2015

Hi all.

Thanks to an error I got while trying to upgrade
qt4-mac-mariadb-plugin ("Failure to read QMAKESPEC conf file
/opt/local/share/qt4/mkspecs/macx-g++/qmake.conf."), I noticed that
the folder "mkspecs" does not exist in "/opt/local/share/qt4", but it
does exist in "/opt/local/share/qt4/data/".

I have just upgraded qt4-mac to the latest version.
I'm on Mac OS 10.6, so it was compiled on my machine.
I got no errors while upgrading it.

In the previous version and in the prebuilt packages (for other OS
versions) the "mkspecs" folder is in "/opt/local/share/qt4".

What happened?
How can I solve this?
Do I need to rebuild qt4-mac?

Best wishes.

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