for port kerberos5 returned: command execution failed

Tim Johnson tim at
Mon Aug 24 17:44:56 PDT 2015

* Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> [150824 16:17]:
> I'm not having any trouble reaching or other
> MacPorts sites from Austin or Munich or right now, but of course
> network problems are often region-specific so there may be a
> network problem somewhere between you and Apple's data center in
> Cupertino.
  From my computer which is in Palmer, Alaska with the access
  provider in the same area - traceroute reaches and fails to get out.

  From a server that I lease which belongs to Hostmonster and may be
  in Provo, Utah - traceroute reaches
  and fails to get out.

  So, I suspect a widespread problem.

  I presume that this is going to be corrected within 24 hours or so
  and I'll hold off on submitting a ticket until then.

> >  so, that could be (possibly) the cause of the error?
> No; MacPorts confines its network activities to the fetch phase.
> Since the port failed for you during the build phase, that
> indicates a build problem, not a network problem.
> >  I'll try updating again later before submitting the ticket.

> If you're still not able to get to our site to file a ticket, you
> could upload the main.log file somewhere, then send us a link to
> it here. (Attaching large files directly to mailing list messages
> should be avoided.)

  Thanks - as always - for your timely attention to this.


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