Connectivity problems with master server (

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Tue Aug 25 12:31:30 PDT 2015


For the last few days, I have increasingly seen reports of problems reaching the
master server ( with symptoms ranging
from low throughput (tens of KB/s with an otherwise idle connection on the
user's end), stalling of downloads with eventual disconnects or even being
unable to reach the machine at all.

To the best of my knowledge, at the time of writing, the problems seem to be
mostly isolated to the western part of the US (including Alaska.) I was not able
to reproduce these issues in Europe.

We do not know the source of these problems.

We cannot provide an ETA for the eventual resolution of these problems.

If you think you are affected (MacPorts installer hangs for a long time at about
80 to 90% with the message "running post installation scripts" or the like, sudo
port selfupdate or sudo port sync hanging, failures during the fetch phase while
installing ports), please select another *working* mirror close to your location
in this list:

  - change the "rsync_server" setting in ${prefix}/etc/macports/macports.conf
    (if you're using the default prefix, that is
  - add "" to "host_blacklist" and make sure to uncomment
    this option in the same file
  - change ${prefix}/etc/macports/sources.conf (if using the default prefix,
    that's /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf) in the same vein.

If necessary, you can switch back to the master server after the problems have
been resolved.

Once this post reaches the mailing list(s), I will make a follow-up post with
the archive link for easy linking.

Thank you for your understanding.


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