René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 13:21:50 PST 2015

/me again ...

I've build port:vlc (+jack+mod+mpc+osd+qt4+qtkit+quartz) but I see some issues with the audio devices:
- I don't get the "System Sound Output Device" in the audio/audio device menu, which I do get with VLC 2.1.5 from the VideoLAN installer
- When I try to change the output device through that same menu, the action is ignored at best, or provokes a hang.

I'm currently trying to see if that's due to the fact I activated Jack support, but it is apparently not due to PulseAudio (which I already disabled in the Quartz build). Is there a reason PulseAudio is required in port:vlc?
Update: apparently it was indeed the jack support I enabled.

Comparing the portfile with the build scripts that are shipped with the code, I see some differences in the "pre-configure" phase:

- VideoLAN's build.sh first runs `cd extras/tools ; bootstrap ; make`
- build.sh runs `cd contrib/build ; ../bootstrap --build=$TRIPLET --host=$TRIPLET` and then runs `make prebuilt` from that build directory if ../$TRIPLET doesn't exist

The Portfile only runs the bootstrap script from the toplevel source directory, from what I can see, why is that?

Also, the Qt interface launches and looks fine, but doesn't play anything, and hangs when I try to quit it. Is that the kind of unstable behaviour to be expected?


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